• Property market in Turkey 2013 is more opened for foreign buyers
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Property market in Turkey 2013 is more opened for foreign buyers

Property market in Turkey 2013 is more opened for foreign buyers 1314315070_kak-vygodno-sdavat-v-arenduTurkish government has approved a new real estate law that allows all foreign buyers to purchase a property in Turkey nowadays. Buyers from all over the world has unrestricted rights to buy properties or lands in all regions of Turkey. After the new law has been released more than 100 countries (including Arab countries) got a permission to buy property on individual ownership. Reminding, that before some countries could buy real estate units only if they have their own company registered in Turkey.

Also the growth of land is increased from 30 up to 60 hectares. Therefore turkish banks started to give loans for foreigners under very low percent and comfortable rate payment policy. At the moment there are hundreds of brand new projects in Turkey that can be also sold to foreigners. Mostly all of them are built specially for foreigners and that’s why you can find them on the coastline, the sites have swimming pools, fitness centers, restaurants and of course, buildings are constructed in the areas with rich infrastructure. Our company can help you to find the house of your dream in sunny Turkey, we have a big portfolio that allows us to show a wide range of alternatives whether it is a studio apartment or luxury villa.

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